Keep Your AC Unit From Breaking Down With These Tips

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Most modern homes come equipped with air conditioners to help residents deal with the heat. AC units can last for years as long as you take proper care of them. Here are three things you should do to keep your air conditioner from breaking down.

1. Keep your AC unit uncovered in most circumstances.

Most types of AC units have an outdoor component. You may be tempted to cover it to keep it protected from the rain, but this is unnecessary. Since this portion of your air conditioner is designed to stay outside, it's able to get wet without becoming damaged. Covering your AC unit can block its vents and cause it to overheat if it remains covered during operation. You should cover your AC unit if you expect there to be a large amount of debris flying around. Covering it before you mow the lawn or during times of high wind can prevent twigs, grass, and sticks from getting stuck in your air conditioner.

2. Have your AC unit maintained by a professional.

Regular AC maintenance can save you money on repair bills. Ideally, your air conditioner should be serviced by a professional at least once a year. It's a good idea to have this maintenance performed before you expect your air conditioner to see a lot of heavy use. Many people like to schedule this service for spring, which can help you catch any damage that occurred while your AC was dormant throughout the winter. A professional service person will thoroughly clean your air conditioner. They'll make sure the motor and condenser are still in working order and check for refrigerant leaks. Your service person will also oil the internal components of your AC unit to make sure it continues to function without too much friction.

3. Keep your AC unit clean.

Dust can accumulate on surfaces over time, no matter how clean your house is. If that dust gets airborne, it can cause itchy eyes and other allergy symptoms. Part of routine AC maintenance means keeping your air conditioner clean. Take the time to wipe it down whenever you see dust starting to accumulate on its vents. You should also change your air filter regularly. By keeping dust from gathering, you can make sure the air quality in your house stays pure and fresh at all times. Stopping dust buildup can also keep dust from getting trapped in your air conditioner where it can cause mechanical problems.

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