Commercial HVAC And Understanding High Humidity Issues

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If you have a commercial HVAC system in your business, then you may notice that you have a moisture and humidity issue that cannot seem to be controlled. And, if this is causing problems in your manufacturing plant or if it is making your employees uncomfortable, then you should address the concern. Keep reading to learn about why this may happen and what can be done about it. 

Why Do Commercial HVAC Systems Cause Humidity Issues? 

Commercial HVAC systems can cause a great deal of fluid to be retained in the air, and there are quite a few different issues that can cause this. One of the most common occurs when the system is actually too big for the facility. This type of unit will not turn on nearly as often as one that is sized correctly, and thus the moisture present in the air does not come into contact with the coiling cool for long enough for the moisture to collect within the HVAC system. 

The moisture issue is also something that you may see if your unit only runs on a high or at a single speed. In this case, the HVAC system once again is not running for long enough to control moisture.

Systems that are highly vented or a business that is open may cause too much of your indoor air to be drawn outside. This can lead to a situation where the HVAC system had to pull air from outside to make up for the air volume that was lost. And, this air may contain moisture. 

How Can The Issue Be Addressed?

Humidity issues can be addressed in a few different ways. If you have an older system, then you should think about purchasing a new one that is sized correctly for your business. In other words, opt for a smaller sized unit that better fits the square footage of the space. Also, a unit that can run at a lower capacity of speed is a good option so that the system is running long enough to remove moisture. 

If your existing system is still in good shape, then you can have your HVAC professional add a dehumidifier to the AC unit. This is a good idea if your business is located in an area where humidity builds up a great deal in the summer. Also, think about having the venting systems reevaluated so that your cool and dry air is not forced out of the facility as consistently. 

If you want to know more about HVAC systems and how you can deal with high levels of humidity, then speak with a commercial HVAC professional.