The 4 Primary Reasons Your Toilet Is Getting Clogged Up

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When you use the toilet, you expect everything inside the bowl to disappear when you flush the toilet. Having to plunge the toilet just to get it to flush is an activity that most people would happily skip if possible. If your toilet seems to be getting clogged up more often than not, this is not just a random occurrence. There is a reason why your toilet is getting clogged up.

#1 You Have a Low-Flow Toilet Installed in Your Home

The issue may literally be your toilet. If you have an older low-flow toilet that was designed to use less water, it may not be putting enough power behind each flush. If you can count the decades you have had your toilet, it may be worth it to upgrade to a water efficient toilet that has more power behind it.

#2 You Are Flushing Items You Shouldn't Be

Next, you have to be careful what you flush down your toilet. It is only designed for human waste and toilet paper. All other bathroom waste should be put in the trash.

Keep unwanted items out of the toilet by putting a covered trashcan in your bathroom. A covered trashcan will provide a level of privacy for the bathroom waste members of your family need to throw away.

#3 Your Toilet Trap is Blocked

Your toilet has a p-shaped trap that the waste flows through. This trap can get blocked up with waste, generally from things you shouldn't be flushing down your toilet in the first place. If the p-trap is blocked, a plumber or septic specialist can remove the junk in the trap and get things flowing again.

#4 Your Main Sewer Line Is Damaged

The issue may go beyond your toilet. Your main sewer line may be experiencing a variety of issues, from blocked pipes to damaged pipes. If you know that you are flushing the right items down your drain, and you have a newer toilet, you will need to bring in a professional to inspect your sewer line.

Fixing damage to your main sewer line can help things flow more smoothly. It also ensures that your toilet stops getting clogged and that more serious issues with your line are avoided as well.

Keep your toilet running effectively by upgrading to a new toilet, flushing the right items down the toilet, and taking care of your septic service lines. For more information, contact a plumbing service.