Five Things To Do To Maintain Heating Equipment After The Winter Ends

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The cold winter months can take a toll on the heating equipment in your home. It's important that you properly shut your heating system down to keep it in the best possible shape through the years and to ensure HVAC efficiency.

The following are five things you can do to shut your heating system down and maintain your heating equipment after the winter ends:

Give the area surrounding your heater a good cleaning

Heaters in a lot of homes are found in enclosed spaces like basements and closets. These areas can sometimes become cluttered throughout the winter when they are heavily trafficked. You should inspect the area in your home where your heater is located. You should clear it out because having proper air circulation around your heater is essential to ensuring its continued functionality and efficiency.

Cut off the supply of gas to the unit

If your heating system is powered by gas, it's important that the gas supply is shut off when you're done using your heating system for the year. To successfully turn off the gas supply to your heating unit, you need to make sure that the pilot light has gone off. A burning pilot light will unnecessarily consume gas throughout the warmer months of the year when your heater is not necessary. 

Check the air registers for the accumulation of debris

It's natural for debris to accumulate in a heater's air registers as air circulates throughout the unit while it's in use. Cleaning out your air registers will ensure proper airflow and keep your heater in good shape. Having a professional HVAC technician handle air register cleaning could ensure that the job will be done thoroughly. While cleaning, your technician can look out for any other issues or potential malfunctions in your system.

Switch out the old filters

If you haven't changed your heater's air filter all winter, it's very likely that your filter will be dirty and need to be replaced as the winter comes to a close. You may be able to salvage your filter with a good cleaning; however, if your filter is too dirty, it will detract from the performance of your heater down the road and should be completely replaced.

Look at your carbon monoxide detectors to detect for anything unusual

Over time, small cracks can develop in a furnace's combustion chamber that could cause potentially dangerous carbon monoxide leaks. Including a look at your carbon monoxide detectors during an end of season inspection of your heating system is important for ensuring the continued safety of your household.

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