Air Conditioning In The Winter – Why Upgrading Now Is A Good Idea

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Most people don't give the air conditioning system in their home any thought until summer rolls around. Instead of waiting for the temperatures to soar, take advantage of the months that you won't need the system to cool your home to consider upgrading it. Here, you'll find a few reasons why winter is the best time to upgrade your home's central air conditioning system.

The Benefits of Lower Demand

Unlike summer, the demand for central air conditioning units and the technicians that specialize in them is decreased greatly. What will the lower demand get you?

Decreased Equipment Cost – Many dealers are trying to unload all of last year's models to make room for the new models getting ready to hit the market. Because of this, they are going to let the unit go for less than they would have a few months ago. You'll get close-out pricing on a brand new unit that is just as good as the models that are being released for this season.

Easier Scheduling – The first weeks of the warm weather months is pretty busy for service technicians. So many people neglect to have their systems serviced prior to turning them on for the first time – or they want the technician to come out and service the system to get it ready for use – either way – the time that the technician has is limited. Having the work done during the off-season will make it much easier to schedule the service for a time convenient for you.

Peace of Mind

When you know that things are all set for the upcoming hot season, you'll be able to take it a little easy this year. This year, you'll know that you won't end up baking in your home while you wait for a time to get the system repaired or upgraded. You know that the minute that you turn the central air on, the temperature inside your home will begin to decrease and the comfort level increases.

While the technician is looking into the central air unit, he or she will likely give the furnace a look as well – after all, these two systems must work together to create an efficient source of cool air. During this inspection, any problems can be identified and a plan to correct them put in place – two birds, one stone.

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