3 Things You Must Do To Winterize Your Air Conditioner

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Are you excited that you don't have to deal with hot weather again until next year? Have you made sure that your air conditioner is actually ready for next summer? A lot of people simply turn off their air conditioner one day in the autumn and forget about it entirely until summer arrives. When the temperature starts creeping up again, they try to turn on their air conditioner and receive a nasty surprise in finding out that it is no longer functional. But it doesn't have to be that way. By following a few simple steps, you can be assured that your air conditioner will be working when you need it. These things include the following:

Inspection: If you haven't had your air conditioner inspected yet, now is the time to have one of your local air conditioning services do so. They will look for things that could cause issues in the future, such as motors that seem to be nearing the end of their life, low levels of coolant in the system, and other factors. Many people wait to have an inspection done until spring, but if you do that, you're risking discovering an issue and being unable to use your air conditioner until the unit can get repaired.

Protection: When you have a ground-based unit, it is especially important to have your air conditioner covered after you've turned it off for the last time. This helps to protect it from the elements and even from being used as a winter den by small animals. When you have a unit that is on your roof, having your air conditioning services company put a cover on will help prevent cold air from being able to enter your home via the air conditioning ducts. 

Filtration: Never ever leave a dirty filter in place over the winter months. The dirt can attract moisture which can then allow the mold and mildew spores that are trapped in the filter to grow. If you forget to replace the filter once spring and summer arrive again, you might turn on the air conditioner, which will then suck a fresh batch of mold and mildew spores into the unit and spray them all over your home. This mold can then start to grow inside of your air conditioner and require calling an air conditioning services technician to get rid of it. To prevent breathing in moldy air spores next year, make sure to replace your filter now before you forget.