Tips To Keep Your Boiler In Top Shape

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Your building's boiler is probably not something you spend a ton of time thinking about, but it can quickly become a major issue for you if it breaks down leaving you to search for a professional who can perform boiler repair. If you want to avoid getting into this situation, you'll want to perform regular boiler maintenance to keep things running smoothly. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Clean and Refill

To operate at maximum efficiency, your boiler needs to be set to the correct level. Consult your boiler manual if you forget what level this should be. In addition to properly managing the water level, you should also make sure the water gauges are as clean as possible. Water gauges can become dirty or cloudy over time, and this could make it more difficult for you or your hired contractor to properly inspect the reading.

Visually Inspect for Signs of Damage

After you take care of the water, you'll want to visually inspect the entire boiler for signs of corrosion or any areas that look like they could develop a leak. Look at all of your piping closely and also check any safety valves. If you see the tell-tale signs of corrosion or a leak, call in a professional, like those at R & B Inc Heating & Air Conditioning.

Keep Meticulous Records

If your boiler is used within a large building, you might not be the only one who is going to do an inspection on it. If you have employees who are also going to check in from time to time, you should keep a running log of all maintenance work that has been performed on your unit. Each time the boiler is serviced, update this log so that the next employee to come along doesn't waste their time. These records can also be incredibly helpful when you bring in a professional for assistance.

Get a Full Inspection By a Pro

While you can do a lot on your own to keep your boiler running, you should still bring in a professional boiler repair specialist to conduct a full inspection at least once a year. This professional will be able to double check your work and might notice potential problems that you are not trained to see. By getting your boiler inspected on a regular basis, you will hopefully be able to avoid getting hit with a large boiler repair bill, protecting your bottom line in the process.