Why Installing A Central Air Conditioner Is Better Than Cooling With Window Units

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If you've been relying on window air conditioners to keep you cool in the summer, it may be time to upgrade to central air. There are several advantages to central air conditioning, and it is probably worth the investment to have it installed. If you have an existing furnace with ducts, you can hook into part of that system and save some money on parts and installation. Here's a look at why central air conditioning is best.

Your Windows Are Free Again

One of the worst things about window air conditioners is that they make your windows look ugly, inside and out. You also lose a view to the outside, since half of the window is blocked by an air conditioner. You not only lose a view and natural light, but a window air conditioner also affects your décor, since you can't cover the window with drapes that match the other windows. A window air conditioner has to be unobstructed so curtains have to be out of the way, but that's not a concern with central air conditioning.

Your Home Security Is Improved

Your home might be less secure with air conditioners in the windows. While you'll want to put safety devices in the top window to keep someone from opening the window and pushing the air conditioner out of the way, your windows can still be vulnerable to invasion from pests. If your window air conditioner is installed with plastic accordion shields on the side, along with foam insulation, the window can be entered fairly easily by a determined raccoon or rat. All they have to do is chew through the plastic and foam.

If you forget to activate a security lock when you install the window air conditioner, the window can be opened easily by an intruder. The window may be a target for intruders who want to check to see if it will open easily. When you have a central air unit installed, these problems are avoided because you can close all of your windows and keep them locked for security against unwanted people and animals.

Your Energy Bills Might Be Lower

Window air conditioners are not very energy-efficient, especially since they are often installed by owners that leave tiny gaps around the window. Even if the air conditioner is sealed well, it may not operate efficiently if it isn't the right size, or if it doesn't have automatic shut off that keeps it from running continuously. A central air conditioning unit is much more energy efficient. The installation contractor ensures the right size is chosen for your home, so the AC doesn't struggle or run needlessly.

If you need multiple window units to keep your home cool, you might see a difference in your power bill when you switch to central air. If you only want to cool one room, it may be cheaper to run a window unit, but then you'll miss out on the other benefits of having central air conditioning. For more information, contact professionals like A-1Finchum Heating.