5 Surprising Ways To Lower The Costs Of Cooling Your Home

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Making an effort to increase the efficiency of your air conditioning system won't just keep you more comfortable in your home. It can also save you money and reduce your home's energy consumption.

The following are five surprising ways you can lower the costs of cooling your home and raise the effectiveness of your home's air conditioning equipment:

Avoid placing any appliances or decor accessories that produce heat near your thermostat

Your thermostat works by sensing heat, and it will sense heat that's given off by appliances that are placed nearby.

If your thermostat senses this heat, it will cause your air conditioner to work more than necessary. Keep any appliance or electronic device that gives off heat away from your thermostat for the greatest possible efficiency. 

Devices such as televisions, lamps, computers, and kitchen appliances give off heat and should therefore not be placed near your thermostat.

Augment the effectiveness of your HVAC system with fans to make your home feel cooler

In combination with your air conditioner, fans can be highly effective at making the interior of a home more comfortable during periods of high temperatures outside. Fans help to circulate air and keep a home's interior feeling fresh. They also work to manage humidity by preventing hot, moist air from becoming stagnant.

Place a reflective window tint over your windows to block out sunlight

Sunlight that shines in your windows can cause the interior temperature of your home to rise through the greenhouse effect. One easy thing you can do to prevent sunlight from penetrating your home is place reflective window tint over windows. This reflects sunlight and stops it from shining into your interiors. 

Add leafy plants to the landscaping surrounding your home's exterior

You can keep your home cooler with your landscaping. Planing leafy bushes and trees around the exterior of your home can prevent sunlight from entering your home while also helping to insulate your home against the heat. 

Inspect your air ducts, fans, and vents and make sure that they are not blocked by furniture or other obstacles

One of the most important factors when it comes to any piece of HVAC equipment is air circulation. If air cannot circulate properly, HVAC equipment will work hard without producing good results.

To ensure proper air circulation throughout your HVAC system, you should make sure that there are no obstacles like furniture blocking ducts, fans, and vents on either the interior or the exterior of your home. Contact a service, like Allied Mechanical & Electrical, Inc., for more help.