Tips For Hiding Your HVAC Unit With Landscaping Without Complications

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Many people don't consider outdoor heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units attractive. As such, they like to hide it behind more landscaping features. If you are thinking of such a venture, make sure you plan your landscaping well so it doesn't interfere with the operation, efficiency or servicing of the unit. These simple measures will help you achieve that:

Avoid Prickly Plants

Even if you have just installed a new unit, it will need servicing or repair sooner or later. If that time comes, the technician should find it easy to work on the unit. That will not be the case if you have hidden the unit behind prickly bushes that can scratch or prick the technician. Therefore, avoid thorny shrubs at all costs.

Leave Some Room for Work

Thorns aren't the only things that can hinder work on the unit; inadequate space around the unit may also be a problem. The technician needs adequate room for maneuvering with their tools and equipment. Therefore, don't plant the shrubs so close to the unit that a grown man cannot maneuver comfortably between the unit and the plants.

Be Careful When Maintaining Your Landscape

You will need to maintain your plants to make them thrive. For example, regular pruning, trimming, and weeding may be necessary. Make sure these operations don't interfere with the operation of the unit. For example, don't let leaves and dirt clog the condenser coils since that will interfere with their efficiency, which means your air conditioner will use more energy and wear faster.

Plan for the Growth of the Plants

HVAC units have varying lifespans, but you should expect your unit to serve you for at least a decade. During that time, a young seedling can grow to a huge plant. Therefore, don't forget about the growth of plants when designing the landscape around your HVAC unit. A seedling may look small and far from the unit, but it may interfere with the unit's operation when it matures and its branches start overhanging the unit. It's for this reason that short plants, such as shrubs, are preferred for this purpose. 

Hopefully, the above precautions will help you keep your HVAC's unit out of view while still maintaining its efficiency. Some leaves and plant debris may still get into the unit, so don't forget to clean and service it regularly. Talk to your HVAC installation technician for more ways on planting around your unit without interfering with its efficiency.