4 Spring Cleaning Projects To Get Your AC Ready For The Summer Months

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While you may not be thinking about it now, soon summer will be here and you will want to be ready to turn on the AC.  With spring arriving, it is a good time to do maintenance and cleaning to your air conditioning. This can include having the ducts cleaned, servicing the system and cleaning the outdoor unit. Here are some of the things that you will want to add to your spring cleaning to-do-list before you crank of the AC:

1. Removing Covers And Cleaning The Outdoor Unit

During the fall, you may have winterized your AC system and covered it to protect it during winter weather. Now, it is time to remove the cover and make sure your system is ready. If you have not completely covered the unit, you may want to check to make sure that no debris got it. This can be a good time to clean the unit again before you turn it back on.

2. Changing The Filter And Checking The Vents Of The System

Changing the filter is an important part of AC maintenance. During the spring months, you will want to go ahead and change the filters. You may want to stock up on filters to change them throughout the summer months. In addition, you can check all the vents to make sure that they are open and that your system has good airflow.

3. Having The Ductwork Cleaned To Removed Dust Before You Turn On The AC

Ductwork can become dirty over the winter months, as dust settles in them if they are not used for heating. To reduce stress on your system, you may want to have the ducts cleaned every couple of years. If you have bad allergies, this can be done every season to reduce allergens in the air in your home.

4. Have Your System Serviced And Small Repairs Done In The Spring

The spring is also a good time to have your system serviced by an HVAC technician. They can inspect your system for any signs of repairs and do them while you do not need the AC. If your system needs to be charged with coolant gas, this can be done when the AC repair services in Flowery Branch, GA comes to your house. 

These are some things that you will want to add to your spring cleaning to-do-list before it is time to crank up the cooling in your home. If you need help with servicing and repairs to your air conditioning, contact an HVAC contractor and talk with the about what else you can do to prepare your system for summer.