Why Wintertime Is The Right Time For AC Service

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You might not be thinking about your air conditioner right now, but you will be in the next few months. With the start of the hot season close at hand, now is a good time to consider how much TLC your AC system has had since you last used it. If the answer is "not much" or "none at all," then you may want to set up a service call with your HVAC technician. Here are a few good reasons why right now is the best time to have your AC system serviced:

Reason #1: You Won't Have to Sacrifice Any Cooling Comfort

Wouldn't you rather have your AC system serviced right now, when you least need the cooling comfort it offers, instead of waiting for the middle of summer? Not only is it more expensive to wait until the summer to have your system serviced, but if there is a major problem with your AC system, you could end up going without air conditioning for a few days or even longer when you need it.

It's better to have essential service performed on your AC system while you're not using it. It'll give your technician more time to thoroughly check and correct potential trouble spots, giving your AC system a clean bill of health.

Reason #2: It's Easier to Get an AC Technician During Off-Peak Periods

The summer months can be a hectic time for HVAC technicians, as they're usually swamped with service calls for emergency AC repairs and last-minute preventative service. On the other hand, the winter months tend to be a bit slower for AC repair, as most people are focused on heating system upkeep. As a result, it's usually easier to hire someone for AC service during the winter.

Reason #3: Some Contractors Offer Winter Discounts

Not only is it easier to find someone to take care of your AC system service during the winter, but you may also be able to receive significant discounts. It's not unusual for contractors to offer wintertime specials for AC service, so taking advantage of these deals could put a few extra dollars into your pocket.

Getting your AC system ready for summer duty right now puts you ahead of the curve. Getting it checked out now means you won't have to worry about having it checked at the last moment. With a well-maintained AC unit at the ready, there's a good chance you won't worry about system breakdowns and summertime emergency repairs, either.