Air Conditioning Maintenance Services: How Often And What Should It Include?

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If you are one of the people who skip having routine maintenance on your air conditioning unit, it is time to reconsider. While it is true you could go years without needing a technician to repair the system in order to keep your home comfortable, when you do, it is probably going to be an expensive repair. Regular maintenance will help protect your system from developing major problems, increase the efficiency of the unit so your cooling bills are lower and extend the life of the system. Once you realize the benefits of having tune-ups, here is what you should expect.


There are a few different things to consider when discussing the frequency of ac maintenance. The actual unit should be serviced at least once a year. It is a good idea to have the system checked in the spring, before the hot season. The ductwork can wait longer between servicing, having it done every three to four years is recommended. However, you should be replacing the filters, both on the unit and the ductwork, at least four times a year, and more often when the system is running a lot or the air is especially dusty in your area.

What is Included in a Professional Servicing?

When you contact a professional HVAC technician to come and service your system, there are certain things they should be doing. Ask the company what will be done before the technician arrives, and then ask for a checklist at the end of the appointment. Here are the items the trip should include:

  • Check the coolant level and add to it if necessary
  • Check the coolant pressure and adjust as needed
  • Inspect and calibrate the thermostat
  • Check over all wires and connectors
  • Clean the evaporator coil
  • Clean out the condenser and its drain
  • Inspect and lubricate the condenser
  • Check all belts and tensioners

The technician should turn the system on, listen to the motor, and make sure everything is working properly. All nuts and bolts should be checked and tightened if needed. Any small repairs that are needed should be brought to your attention. Have them taken care of during the servicing to prevent larger problems when you need the system to keep your home comfortable.

The cost of the servicing can be absorbed in the lower cooling bills. To save even more money, ask the ac servicing company about a maintenance agreement. In addition to saving money, you will not have to worry about remembering to schedule the service, the company will contact you to set up an appointment. Contact a business, such as Enright and Sons, for more information about services.