When Your Heating And Air Conditioning Systems Drip Water: What You Can Do

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When you have lived in your home for a while, you get used to the sounds and operations of your heating and cooling systems. As such, you know when something is amiss or seems to be running differently almost immediately. If you happen to be near your furnace and air conditioning units and hear a dripping sound coming from the area, you may be worried about the negative effects this could have on your heating and cooling systems in general as well as your home as a whole. Get to know some of the steps you can take if your systems are dripping water so that you can be sure you get the heating and air conditioning repair you need if there is a serious problem.

Check To See If Your Condenser Pump Is Blocked Or Broken

Air conditioners and furnaces alike have a large amount of condensation that occurs when they are in use. Under normal circumstances, this condensation will be unnoticeable to you because your condenser pump will collect that moisture and drain it out of your home without issue.

However, if the pump is broken or the tube running out of your home has a clog or blockage, then you may hear dripping water when your units are running. You can test this out by finding your condenser pan and adding water to that pan.

If the water does not immediately start to drain out, you have such a problem. If you are comfortable checking the pump and the tubes yourself, you can do so. You can also call in a repairman to take a look and replace the condenser pump for you to get your air conditioner and furnace dripping situation under control.

Look At Your Air Filter And Unit Coils

Another issues that could cause dripping water from your air conditioner is a dirty air filter that needs to be changed. When an air filter gets dirty, it also gets clogged. This can then lead the air conditioning coils inside the unit to freeze.

So, check your air filter on your system. If it appears clean, you can move on to look for other causes of your dripping water. However, if the filter is dirty, you will need to change it and check the coils in the evaporator of your unit. If the coils are frozen, you will want to turn on the blower (fan) to dry them out and melt the ice. Then, because you changed the filter, your water leakage and dripping should be a thing of the past.

If these steps do not resolve your dripping water issue, you can call a heating and air conditioning repair company to come take a look to see if your issue is more complicated or if your unit was properly installed. They can help you to get your heating and cooling systems fixed up and working as well as possible to keep you comfortable in your home.

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