How To Clean A Heat Pump

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Cleaning your heat pump is a simple project that you should do every year. It does not require any tools or special preparation. However, you do need to know the important elements to clean. Even if you know nothing about how your HVAC system works, you can easily figure out how to clean your heat pump and coils to make your system much more efficient. This article will give you basic introduction to your heat pump system and it's two most important elements. You will also learn how to easily clean them.

What is a Heat Pump

In regards to an central HVAC system, a heat pump is responsible for heat transfer. So, it is actually important when it comes to the functionality of your furnace and air conditioner. A dirty heat pump will reduce the efficiency of both appliances and make your house temperature much more difficult to control. The pump absorbs heat and transfers it, through the coils, to the unit, where it is then circulated throughout your duct system by the fan. When you hear the term heat pump, it usually entails the entire unit, including the fan. So, the coils and the fan are the most important elements to clean.

Clean the Coils

The first thing you need to do is clean the aluminum sheet on the exterior of your exterior pump unit. These fins are attached to the actually coils (which you usually cannot see). If the sheets are clogged and dirty, your system will struggle to absorb and transfer heat. You will get the best results if you use a coil cleaning solution. These are common and easy to get from most HVAC appliance stores. You simple spray the cleaning solution onto the aluminum sheet (also called fins) and let it set for a few minutes. Then, flush it out with a strong stream of water.

Clean the Fan

Cleaning the fan is even easier. Just remove the protective cage on the top of the unit. Then, with a wet-dry vacuum, clean out the entire fan compartment. You can also wipe down the fan blades with a cleaning solution. If you fan blades are rusty, you might need to have the replaced. Rust on the actual blades is not, in itself, particularly harmful. But, it will usually indicated that there is rust on the fan bearings, which can serious hamper the function of the fan.

With this simple cleaning, you might immediately notice stronger airflow from both your air conditioner and furnace.Contact a local heating contractor, like D & R Service Inc, for more information.